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Whether you are insured or uninsured, Health Karma makes it easy to navigate your healthcare options. For a low monthly cost, you will be able to get professional medical advice at the tips of your fingers. 

The virtual platform allows our users to receive virtual care quickly and at a discounted rate. With Health Karma's online tools, you will be able to easily search for providers, get virtual care, find savings, and more.

What is Health Karma?

Our Virtual care solutions make it easy for people to access best-in-class care whenever and wherever, while driving down overall healthcare costs. 

Receive High-Quality Virtual Healthcare Nationwide!

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Virtual Primary Care

Unlike other healthcare solutions, we offer the same longstanding advantages of in-person primary care—but within a convenient, virtual platform.

These providers can help with:

General advice and consulting

Prescriptions and refills

Minor illness and injuries

Chronic health concerns

Mental health concerns

Referrals to specialists

Complete Metabolic Panel at a lab near you

Why choose virtual primary care


  • $0 copay for all services with your membership
  • Prescription discounts
  • Referrals


  • 1:1 care navigation team
  • See the same virtual PCP
  • On-demand chat 24/7


  • Annual Wellness Exam
  • Lab Visit and CMP 
  • Chronic Care


  • Care on your schedule 
  • VPC visits within 24 hours
  • 24/7 virtual urgent care




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Behavioral Health


What’s included

Virtual Primary Care

Access to a Dedicated Primary Care Physician virtually.
($0 copay)

Urgent Care

24/7/365 Access to On-Demand Virtual Visits.
($0 copay)

Behavioral Therapy

Unlimited Access to In-The-Moment Support from Licensed Therapists, 24/7/365.
($0 copay)

Annual Wellness Exam

 Includes a Lab Visit with a Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) at any Quest Diagnostic Facility
($0 copay)

How we compare

Talk to a doctor in minutes for minor illness or injuries

Build a patient-provider relationship by seeing the same primary care physician.

Enjoy the same patient-provider relationship and follow-ups you'd get with in-person visits.

Manage chronic conditions with ongoing treatment plans

Have a virtual wellness exam with a Complete Metabolic Panel

Receive prescriptions and refills

Receive prescription discounts & coupons at the pharmacy

Receive coordinated referrals to specialty care when needed

Virtual Primary Care

Standard Telehealth