Health Karma Rx

Our members can find the best prices for their medications with Health KarmaRx coupons. Even those with health insurance may find a much lower price by using Health KarmaRx coupons. Health Karma members get 60% off prescriptions on average, and can sometimes save 80% or more!*

  • Accepted nationwide at more than 65,000 pharmacies.
  • Save 60% on average and in some cases, 80% or more!
  • Find specific prescriptions at pharmacies near you and compare discounted prices between them.
  • Works for prescribed and over-the-counter medications.
  • Prescribed medication will require the doctor to send an order to your pharmacy.
  • Simply present your discount card at any of the 65,000 participating pharmacies nationwide to receive your instant savings.
  • No paperwork needed to get your savings.
  • No limits on usage.

*Based on 2020 program savings data. DISCOUNT ONLY - NOT INSURANCE.

To find the best prices for your prescriptions, enter your zip code and the medications you are searching for in the Health KarmaRx search bar to receive a full list of available coupons. You may sort your results by distance or by cost to find the option that suits you best.

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Your Health Karma membership includes all medications listed on the Acute Formulary at no charge. You may pick-up your prescription medication at any retail pharmacy of your choice (67,000 in our network). Just present your Health Kama Discount Card to the pharmacy to utilize your benefits. Be aware that all medications require a prescription.

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