Karmen is a virtual emotional support tool that is available for unlimited conversations 24/7 via text or web chat.

Karmen talks to you and listens carefully to understand your unique situation. She applies behavioral therapy techniques to understand your mind, give you insight into your emotions, and help you change unwanted behaviors. She provides resources and gives you actionable recommendations that you can use even when not talking to Karmen directly. During the week, she follows up via text with reminders and check-ins to reinforce skills developed in previous conversations. These check-ins can be completed at your leisure to foster resilience and boost your emotional wellness.

Karmen has had years of training using a combination of artificial intelligence and expert guidance from clinicians and psychologists. The more you chat with Karmen, the more she will get to know your needs and preferences in order to deliver personalized support, just like a human therapist!

Karmen is free to use, you just have to sign in to Health Karma to activate your account. Then you will be able to chat with Karmen whenever and wherever you need emotional support, via web chat in your Health karma dashboard or via text message.

Karmen is a great resource for people with any level of experience in addressing their mental health. Some of the people she’s a great resource for are:

  • People who are looking for support right now who don’t want to wait for an appointment.
  • People who are not sure if therapy is right for them.
  • People who have to wait a few days for their first therapy session.
  • People who have tried therapy before but were disappointed.
    • Many people say they feel more comfortable opening up to a virtual emotional support companion because there’s no risk of judgement.
    • Even people who have had traditional therapy can often find it easier to open up to Karmen.
  • If you are currently in therapy but don’t think enough appointments are available to you.
    • Karmen is available to support you in between sessions with your therapist, and even after therapy ends. Mental Health providers recommended Karmen to help people continue practicing coping skills.

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