Because our furry friends are part of our families, Health Karma keeps their wellness in mind! Health Karma Pets gives you 24/7 unlimited access to virtual consultations with licensed veterinarians for $0.

The consultation is a real-time phone or video call via your mobile device or computer and enables you to ask questions, get second opinions, understand if you need to take your pet to the vet, and discuss behavioral, training, or wellness issues.*

More about Health Karma Pets:

  • Covers unlimited pets that live in your home.
  • Pay $0 when you have your appointment - all visits are included in your membership fee.
  • No membership card or claim forms required.
  • Once the consult has been scheduled, the vet will call you within one hour.
  • Includes a pet drug savings card - Rx discounts up to 75% at 68,000 participating pharmacies.

*Health Karma Pets is NOT FOR EMERGENCIES or urgent situations. If you believe you have an emergency, call your vet immediately or contact the nearest Animal ER. Health Karma Pets is NOT a replacement for regular in-office visits, vaccinations, and by law our telemedicine vet services cannot diagnose or prescribe medications for your pet.

This is not insurance. Health Karma Pets vets reserve the right to deny care for potential misuse of services. Health Karma Pets operates subject to state regulations. Copyright © 2021.

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